lennox now

Hi, I’m Lennox!

40. Wife. Mom of 3. Business owner. Avid reader. Art lover. Patrick Dempsey stalker. Jewelry maker. Baker. Friend. Daughter.

Food addict.

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when food wasn’t a problem. I know there was a time when I was just a normal-sized kid, but I don’t remember it.

Once I hit grade school, I started gaining. By the time I hit fifth grade I was carrying around about 30 extra pounds, and when I turned 12 I went on my first diet – Weight Watchers.

Back then, WW was a lot less “main stream”, and a lot more humiliating, especially for a pre-teen. Although I absolutely hated it, I stuck to the program and lost weight.

Then I went to high school, and the number on the scale went up and down. I was about 20 pounds overweight by the time I graduated. Then I gained some more in college. Then, my family made a big move from New York to Florida, and disaster struck.

Our moving truck was stolen out of the parking lot overnight, and with it – every single thing we owned.

We were starting out in a new place, with no friends or family near by, with nothing but the clothes on our backs. My whole family took on multiple jobs just to raise money to get the essentials – clothes, beds, linens, kitchen supplies.

In the process I went through a magnificent depression, and gained about 50 pounds in a year.

lennox before

We were able to pull ourselves out of it – a true testament to my families strength! And four years after we moved down there, we were able to move back to New York.

By this time I was in my early 20′s and about 80 pounds overweight. I struggled as I started over yet again, but I found a great job in Manhattan, made friends and started living like a 20-something. I did Weight Watchers again, on and off, and got my weight down a bit, but I was still over 200 pounds.

Then I met a guy. THE guy. I was in love and sooooo happy! (You can see where this is going, right??) Losing weight didn’t seem so important, so…you guessed it…I gained. A LOT. At one point I hit 247 pounds, my highest ever.

After we got engaged I tried to lose weight, and I did – about 30 pounds. But I was still over 200 pounds on my wedding day.

Flash forward to today. We bought a house, I’ve had three kids, I quit my job in the city and started my own business so I could be home with my children. We’re having a terrific life together, but the one thing I can’t get a handle on is my health. I’ve been on too many diets to count, and have gone up and down and up…and down, but I have not been below 200 pounds since I was a teenager.

So here I am, trying once again to make this the LAST time. What’s different now? Nothing really.  I just don’t want to give up. I’m hoping that this time something will “click”, and I will stick with it until the end.