Advanced Oral Restorations With Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry is progressing by leaps and bounds especially in cosmetic restorations. As consumers become better informed and educated about what options are available to them, as well as, being influenced by the media on the importance of being a beautiful person, the decisions that the patient will take in regards to their restorations is of a more critical nature.

As more and more patients desire a cosmetic change to improve their lives, it seems that many Austin Cosmetic Dentists as well as dental laboratories are jumping on the cosmetic dentistry bandwagon. It is at this point that one must reflect upon what one is truly undertaking to change a person’s smile cosmetically. By fulfilling a patient’s desire for whiter and brighter teeth, possibly longer or shorter, and, wider or narrower, could a top cosmetic dentist be creating a recipe for disaster? Most definitely if a well thought out treatment plan is not carried out!

An Austin cosmetic dentist must remember that he is usually dealing with multiple units of teeth that are being cosmetically re-designed and engineered to fit the confines of the patient’s head. These restorations must be able to function harmoniously with the rest of the teeth, TMJ, as well as, the ligaments and muscles. If these criteria are not met the case is destined for failure.

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Communication between the Austin cosmetic dentists, patient is essential. Understanding the patient’s expectations and concerns is the only way an Austin cosmetic dentist can determine whether these are reasonable expectations, and will the restorations withstand a realistic lifetime of use. How many times have you seen veneers or crowns fracture or debond after a short period of time? It is very important to have a clear understanding of the patient’s present condition, and to have a clear understanding of the patient’s “wants” before any other steps are taken..Following the preliminary consultation, the Top 3 dentist proceeds with a full clinical examination, which includes x-rays, periodontal probing etc.

Each case will then be assessed from a gnathological point of view by taking maxillary and mandibular impressions for full arch study models. Here an Austin cosmetic dentist uses his immense experience and talent to give its patient the treatment that is desired by him.

An Austin Cosmetic Dentist can help you. Restore the natural color of your discoloured tooth Help you align your teeth in a systematic manner Make good for the loss off tooth Provide you smile makeovers with quicker pace. Cure your gum and root infections Retain the natural facial aesthetics after restoration.